About Us

'Empire Valley' (also Churn Creek Protected Area since 1998), located in central British
Columbia, was established in the 1860's.  It's majestic, open grasslands benches along the
Fraser River and the hot dry climate is the perfect place to raise Hormone-Free, Open Range,
Premium Quality Beef.  
Joyce grew up on a ranch in Big Creek,  BC, a small community in
the Chilcotin.  After graduating from High School, she studied
biological sciences, travelled and worked at a number of other
occupations.  However in 1997, she realized that on the ranch was
where she wanted to be.
John grew up in Merritt,  BC.  As a young man, he began working
on ranches in the Nicola Valley, travelled to Australia & New
Zealand and wrangled for Outfitters in northern BC.  However, he
loved the life of a cowboy on the open range. While working as a
cowboy for Gang Ranch, he dreamed of running his own cattle on
Empire Valley Ranch. John is the eye in the sky - just one more way
to keep track of the cattle on the range.
In April 1998, we struck out together.  We leased 'Empire Valley
Ranch' (Churn Creek Protected Area) and have been stewards of
the Empire Valley Grasslands ever since. Through rotational grazing
practices and natural grazing patterns of our cattle we have been
able to restore natural grassland species and enhance native grass
production. In return we were awarded the
BC Rangelands
Management Award
for 2008 from the Society for Range
t (BC Chapter).
Our Kids: