Here at the Empire, our 500 mother cows graze 300,000 plus
acres for 10 months each year only to be supplemented with
hay for the short winter period of 2 months.  Calves are born
untouched on the open range.  Cowboys (John, Joyce & family)
drift the cattle to different pastures, brand and round up in
the fall for weaning. Calves are weaned at six months of age,
wintered and turned out in the spring on range to grow and
mature as nature intended. Our cattle are not implanted with
hormones and they are not fed antibiotics or animal
Empire Valley Beef is processed at a small family owned
inspected facility (Rodear Meats Ltd., Beaver Valley, BC).  
Here it is dry aged for 21 days, cut, wrapped in recyclable
freezer paper and frozen.
~ Grain Finished ~
a maximum of 90 days before processing.  Our grain finished
a maximum of 90 days before processing.  Our grain finished
product has excellent medium fat cover and beautiful
marbling between the fibres of the meat (AA grade).  This is
a perfect combination of healthy, nutrient rich beef sizzling
with moisture and full of flavor.  Our grain finished product is
available 365 days of the year
available 365 days of the year.


~ 100% Grass Finished ~
Our grass finished beef is raised on grass from birth to
finish.  The animals are born, raised on native grasses of
central British Columbia.  Our grass finished product has an
excellent light fat cover with some marbling between the
fibres of the meat which in turn has low moisture content.  
With this in mind, care must be taken not to
over cook the
meat (see recipes for tips on cooking grass finished meat).  It
is high in Omega 3s and full of natural vitamins and minerals.  
Grass finish is an excellent product for those who love a
stronger flavored meat.
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