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Thank you for inquiring further into our cuts, quarter, or side!

Listed below is the approximate breakdown of a beef. This
Angus Beef Cuts Chart
will show you exactly where these cuts are located.

Front Quarter:
  • a large amount of bone
  • often made into flat iron steaks
  • great for slow cooking, stew or ground beef

Cross Rib
  • has some rib bones
  • yummy slow cooking roast

Prime Rib
  • also called Standing Rib roast
  • rib steaks (bone in)
  • rib eye plus prime rib bones - 2 packs with 6 bones each.  
These ribs are excellent BBQ ribs - yum!!

Short Rib
  • very meaty rib
  • can be cut as short rib or maui rib
  • slow cooks or BBQs excellently

Ground Beef
  • lean or medium

Hind Quarter:
Short Loin
  • tenderloin (boneless)
  • new york (boneless)
  • tbone/porterhouse (bone in) large

Top Sirloin
  • great grilling steak

Sirloin Tip
  • beautiful roast
  • stir fry

Top Round
  • great marinating steak, kabob or stir fry
  • great slow cooking roast

Eye of Round
  • great as steak
  • great slow cooking roast

Bottom Round
  • baron of beef
  • can be made into stir fry or kabobs

Ground Beef
  • lean or medium