Side of Lamb

  • Loin Chops - 4/pack; cut 1 inch thick
  • Rack O Lamb or Rib Chops - 4/pk; 1 inch thick
  • Shoulder Chops (4/pk) or Shoulder Roast
    (@3lbs boneless)
  • Leg O Lamb - 1/2 or whole
  • Lamb Shank - 2/pk (optional)
  • Stew -  packs @ 1lb each
  • Ground lamb –  1 lb packs
  • Marrow Bones – 1 bag (5lb)

*Total Weight = 30 lbs
Purchase Price = $285.00
Step 1: A minimum of half the order must be
paid to start to ordering process.

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Rack O Lamb

Rib Chops

Shoulder Chops

Shoulder Roast

Whole Leg O Lamb

1/2 Leg O Lamb

Lamb Shanks

Lamb Ground

Lamb Stew