How do I know Empire Valley Beef is healthy?
We encourage everyone to take a walk through the website. Read about our family, look at ranch photos,
study our products and if that is not enough come to Empire Valley and see where your beef comes from.  
We love our healthy lifestyle and would like to share it with you.

What product would be best for me?
Our grass finished beef has less fat marbling between the meat fibres, it is very rich in Omega 3 s and a
requires low heat with slow cooking methods.  It is for people that want a little bit wilder and stronger
flavor to the meat. If you were raised on grass fed beef and would like to have that again then this product
is for you.
grain finished beef has a good fat marble throughout the meat which provides awesome juicy flavor
and a good source of Omega 3s.  It is for people that want excellent flavor and lots of moisture every time
you cook it.
I do not have a large freezer or budget?
Size or budget does not matter!  We have everyone in mind.  You can buy small quantities by the piece,
ready made packs, quarters and sides or a whole carcass.

Cuts Available


'We love the grass finished beef, my husband lived on a farm when he was a boy and it tastes like the
beef did then!' ... RH

'It's great!  We like this beef (grass), learning to enjoy it.  It tastes a little more meaty or gamy than the
grain finished.' ... MJL

'We barbecued the huge prime rib roast (grain) and it was superb!  Everybody loved it.  We got a lot of
compliments on the flavor and tenderness of the beef.  We were thrilled with it ourselves.' ... DH

'The grass finished beef just tastes more beefy and holds its own against aggressive flavors like ginger
and soy sauce.  Bon Appetit!' ... LL