Empire Valley Premium Beef is very good for your health!  One 3 oz serving provides protein, iron,
zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 & B12, selenium, phosphorus and last but not least Omega
3s.  All of which contribute to healthy metabolism, strong body and the prevention of chronic diseases.  
Calorie for calorie, Empire Valley Beef is one of the most nutrient rich food to fuel an active & healthy

Grain Finished:  Our grain finished beef is Hormone & Antibiotic Free, grass raised from birth
> 18 months of age then they receive additional barley and alfalfa to give an excellent medium fat
cover and beautiful marbling between the fibres of the meat (AA grade).  This is a perfect combination
of healthy, nutrient rich beef sizzling with moisture and full of flavor.

from birth to finish.  These animals never received any sort of grain crop.  Our grass finished product
has an excellent light fat cover with some marbling between the fibres of the meat which in turn has low
moisture content.  With this in mind, care must be taken not to
over cook the meat
recipes for tips on cooking grass finished meat). Grass finish is an excellent product for those who
love a stronger flavored meat.

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Empire Valley Premium Lamb is very good for your health!  Grass fed lamb is a prime source of
high quality protein & 8 essential amino acids in proper ratios.  As with our grass fed beef, our lamb is
one the richest sources of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  CLA is produced naturally in the stomachs of
sheep & cows.  It cannot be manufactured in the human body.
Empire Valley Premium Lamb is Hormone & Antibiotic Free grass raised from birth to finish. Lamb is
very lean meat!  It contains very little marbling any fat found on lamb is on the outer edge.  It is made up
of 64% of poly - unsaturated fats (the good fat in one's diet).

Lamb Cuts Available

Empire Valley Premium Chicken is very good for your health! Pasture raised chicken is rich in
essential nutrients & vitamins which assist in strengthening the immune system.  Our chicken is a great
source of lean protein with low fat content.
Empire Valley Premium Chicken is Hormone & Antibiotic Free pasture raised from hatched to
finish. Chickens naturally live on seeds & organic grains produced from plants. Our chickens are free
range so they have the opportunity to also eat bugs, grasshoppers & fresh grass.

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You want to make sure that your pet is not suffering from food allergies! You have a busy schedule and
would like to eliminate hassles of preparing beef so that your pet can eat it!
Empire Valley Premium Pet Food is 100% hormone - free, healthy grass fed beef.  We use top
quality organ meats and beef cuts. We do not use by-products, additives, preservatives or grain fillers.  
We have the health of your pet in mind!  
One 3 oz serving of Empire Valley Pet Food provides the daily requirements of natural protein, vitamin
A, all of the vitamin Bs (especially B12), vitamin C, vitamin D, copper,  iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin,
amino acids and many other trace minerals like phosphorus.

Dehydrated Organ Treats: Organ Meat is an essential part of a carnivore's diet.
Dehydration combines the benefits of raw food with the convenience and safety of dry pet food.  The
gentle extrusion of water while leaving all nutrients and enzymes preserved.
Our dehydrated organ treats are designed with your carnivore in mind.  They are bite sized pieces
made from hormone-free, grass fed beef organs.

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Patty Pucks:  Raw Beef is the most natural food for a carnivore.  It provides your pet the
foundation for a healthy immune system.  Your pet will have healthier skin, teeth and shiny healthy
coat.  Raw meat contains an abundance of heat sensitive nutrients, trace minerals and amino acids.

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